Proposed Town Boundary Extension

What was the 'Couverdon Boundary Extension' About?

TimberWest/Couverdon Real Estate applied to the Town to extend the Town of Ladysmith boundary to take in 700 acres (283 hectares) of lands owned by TimberWest/Couverdon. (Couverdon is the real estate arm of TimberWest.)The lands lie to the west of the Town boundary and are undeveloped -- no residents live on them. This idea was first introduced to the community in 2008.

Council had three key criteria for its consideration of the proposal:

  1. Acquisition of approximately 500 acres of watershed lands (both Stocking Lake and Holland Lake) to protect the drinking water that supplies the Town, the Diamond and Saltair and the proposed service to Stz’uminus First Nation. These watershed lands were not part of the lands being considered for the boundary extension area.  They would be owned by the Town, but would remain outside the Town's boundaries in CVRD District Area G (Saltair).
  2. Viewscape protection of the forested hills behind Ladysmith. These lands were not part of the boundary extension area.
  3. The future development of the boundary extension lands approximately 700 acres (283 hectares) had to be consistent with Provincial Smart Growth Practices and supportive of the Town’s Sustainability Vision.

What Happened With the Boundary Extension Application?

There is a process laid out by the provincial government that must be followed for any proposed changes to municipal boundaries. This includes an opportunity for the Town's residents to have input.  The final decision to extend the Town’s boundaries is made by the Provincial Cabinet.

Under the boundary extension process Council must get the approval of the electors of the Town. An Alternative Approval Process (AAP) was the formal process used in March 2014 to determine elector response to the proposed boundary extension.  Under an AAP, if less than ten percent of municipal electors submit an Elector Response Form, the boundary extension request will be deemed to have the approval of the electors, and the proposal may proceed to the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development for consideration. If more than ten per cent of the voters submit Elector Response Forms (indicating their opposition), and Council still wants to proceed with the matter, it must go to public referendum for all voters in the community to have input.

The Town received a total of 1,601 Elector Response Forms opposing the Boundary Extension Proposal.  The number needed to defeat the AAP was 623 (10 percent of the number of voters on the 2011 Voters List for the Town of Ladysmith).

After the results of the AAP, Council had to decide whether to take the question to the Town's voters in a referendum. At a Special Council Meeting on October 1, 2014, Council voted not to proceed with a referendum on the application by TimberWest/Couverdon Real Estate.  The effect of this decision is that the Boundary Extension application will not proceed unless TimberWest/Couverdon submits a new application at a future date.

Where Can I Get More Information?

For Information about the Boundary Extension Application

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Review the Holland and Stocking Lake Hyrdology Update (Watershed Modelling) Report

Visit and or contact: Contact Town of Ladysmith Development Services at 250.245.6405

For Information About the Alternative Approval Process

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Contact our Corporate Services Department at City Hall, 250.245.6400

Learn about the Alternative Approval Process from the BC Government Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development

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