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Nov 09, 2016

November is Adoption Awareness Month

November is Adoption Awareness Month, and British Columbia is making history as the first province in Canada to design and launch an online tool that will streamline the adoptions process for waiting families and help ensure kids find the loving homes that they deserve, sooner.

Created with input from the Adoptive Families Association of British Columbia (AFABC), ‘Adopt BC Kids’ provides a personalized and user-friendly platform for adoptive families to view their application process, track what documents have been received and better understand next steps. A built-in matching service ensures that matching criteria between a prospective parent and adoptee is automatically flagged, connecting waiting children and teens with forever homes, faster. Anyone interested in becoming an adoptive parent can begin their journey online at:

Across the province, there are young people right now hoping for a family to call their own. Over the past 10 years, an annual average of approximately 270 children have been adopted in British Columbia, but there are still approximately 1,000 children and youth in government care who are waiting for a forever home. Some are part of a sibling group, some have special needs, and some are teens. Regardless of personal circumstances, each and every child deserves a family to belong to, a place to grow up, help with preparing for the challenges of adulthood, and someone to rely on for support, encouragement and love.

The AFABC’s representative for your area can provide you with more information about adoption in general. Their contact information, as well as contact information for the four licensed adoption agencies in British Columbia, can be accessed at:

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