Community Vision Report

The 'Community Vision Report' (A Community Vision for a Sustainable West Coast Town) is a powerful resource for all who might be involved in the future development of Ladysmith. It outlines in clear terms the community’s preferences for future development regarding fundamental policy approaches as well as in physical and experiential character.  The 'Community Vision Report' and 'Public Preference Handbook' are available below:

Community Vision Report

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Community Vision Public Preference Handbooks

Overall Town
Holland Creek

Official Community Plan (OCP)

The Official Community Plan sets policy direction and reflects community aspirations and goals. It provides a foundation for decision making through statements of objectives and policies. The Plan provides a degree of certainty about what future development may be permitted in the community, addressing appropriateness and scale, and guiding business and development toward appropriate locations.

Town of Ladysmith has updated its Official Community Plan (OCP) to help manage growth and change in a way that helps our community meet its goals. Click here to find out more.