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Oct 18, 2019

Council approves updated plan for Lot 108 at Forrest Field

Ladysmith Council has approved the Lot 108 Park Plan Update to enhance sports facilities and community amenities at Forrest Field through a phased implementation.
The newly revised plan adopted by Council at its meeting on Oct. 7, 2019 was created following engagement sessions in the summer with key stakeholders, including local sports clubs, field users, community service groups as well as feedback from the Parks, Recreation and Culture Advisory Committee.
“The Town’s long-term vision for Forrest Field and Lot 108 is one that's inclusive to all ages, incomes and abilities by providing opportunities for the community to recreate outdoors, whether it’s through participation in organized sports or spending time as a family at the playground” said Mayor Aaron Stone.
The intent of the updated Lot 108 Park Plan, initiated by Council at its June 3, 2019 meeting, is to guide the creation of an inviting community space that contributes to the health and well-being of all Ladysmith residents.
As a first step to enhancing the park, The Town will now work with local service groups to build an accessible walking path around the existing site, with funding to come from service group grants, donations and in-kind contributions.
The revised plan also confirms previous feedback received as part of the 2016 Parks, Recreation & Culture Master Plan, including the desire for greater accessibility through onsite and street parking improvements. Future public transit as well as pick-up and drop-off locations were also identified in the engagement process.
Potential new key amenities at Forrest Field supported by stakeholders in the Lot 108 plan include a practice pitch, baseball and soccer field, multi-sport court, pickleball and tennis courts, park service building, bike skills park and pump track as well as a picnic area and expanded playground.
Additional parking off of 4th Avenue and Jim Cram Drive will help to support the use of these additional amenities without burdening the neighbouring community.
“A phased approach to our future investments at Forrest Field make this updated plan flexible and achievable over time as the Town and our community organizations look for opportunities to successfully secure grant revenues from senior levels of government,” said Stone.
Future enhancements to Lot 108 also support recommendations contained in the Ladysmith Economic Development Strategy, Youth Plan and Public Art Strategy – such as art design features on court surfaces and the park service building.
The Town continues to upgrade and maintain existing amenities at our greenspaces and sports facilities as part of our overall capital budget.
Staff have been directed to begin looking at grant opportunities for the Lot 108 phases as well as include projects into the 5-year Financial Plan, subject to Council’s approval.

Click here and scroll to Pg. 71 of the Council agenda package to read the Lot 108 Park Plan Update. 

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