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As we move forward with the Official Community Plan Review, there will be opportunities to participate at every step of the process, with activities ranging from more online surveys and virtual discussions, to interactive walking tours and in-person design workshops once it is safe to meet in person.

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Current Engagement Opportunities

Draft Vision, Goals and Growth Directions

The Town of Ladysmith has identified a draft vision, goals and growth directions for the new Official Community Plan (OCP) and is now seeking the public’s feedback as we prepare to move forward with the creation of this important policy document. 

An OCP is intended to help manage growth and development in a way that meets community goals. The document can influence how people experience their town, including where you live, shop, recreate and as well as your transportation choices. 

The community-wide engagement for the OCP Review has so far involved participation and input from hundreds of people voicing their opinions on the future of Ladysmith.

We appreciate everyone who has taken time to respond to surveys and attend in-person events.  

Please review the draft vision statement, goals and growth directions by clicking in the document linked to the right. 

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Vision and Goals

Engagement Summary

The Town has initiated a process to updating its Official Community Plan. The initial phases involve a variety of public engagement opportunities to gather feedback on the communities' priorities. 

These initiatives included: 
- OCP launch survey
- Oot and About Visual Mapping Survey
- Big Ideas Fair 
- Walkshops
- Key partner sessions
- Virtual student workshops

The Engagement Summary offers insight into the vision and opinions of what community members would like to see as the future of Ladysmith. As always, we're interested in hearing your feedback. Consider sending an email to or 
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