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Holland Creek Crossing

To find out about the proposed crossing over Holland Creek, please read our Frequently Asked Questions below.  For more information, call City Hall at 250.246.6400, or email 

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4th Avenue Lane Closure at Rocky Creek

2019.11.07 4th Ave Update


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Frequently Asked Questions - June 3, 2019

Q1: When will construction on the new crossing over Rocky Creek on 4th Avenue start?
• The Town had originally intended for construction to begin in the fall of 2018, following a tendering process. However, it has now been determined that construction will begin in mid-June this year.

Q2: Why does this work have to be done?
• During late winter/early spring 2018, Ladysmith experienced heavy rainfall resulting in storm flows into Rocky Creek which exceeded the capacity of the existing culvert on 4th Avenue. The first storm washed out the sidewalk and most of 4th Avenue’s southbound lane. Town of Ladysmith staff carried out a temporary repair and re-opened both lanes. However, a second heavy rainfall that occurred a number of weeks later once again damaged the upstream sidewalk and a portion of the southbound lane. At this point, following recommendations from an engineer, Town staff closed the southbound lane and initiated an inspection program to monitor the crossing over Rocky Creek.

• During these inspections, it was determined that the existing culvert was failing and a portion of the upstream section of the culvert had started to collapse. Further consultation with an engineer confirmed that the structure was in need of complete replacement.

Q3: What exactly is the work being done?
• We will be installing a new steel pipe arch culvert across Rocky Creek, and rebuilding the road on top of the new culvert.  When it is finished, the new and improved road will include two traffic lanes, a pedestrian sidewalk and bike lanes.
• The culvert is designed to current engineering standards and will accommodate significant water flows during major storm events.  

Q4: Why is this process taking so long? 
• The initial construction schedule for the new crossing in late summer and into the fall of 2018 meant a specific design that would comply with regulations governing of the type of work carried out in a fish-bearing creek.  However, we realized that with a longer construction window starting in spring 2019, we had the ability to consider other design options, which may result in lower costs to the taxpayer.  
• We retendered the project with a design for a steel pipe arch culvert to go across the creek rather than the more expensive bridge option.  This option will result in some cost savings to the Town. 

Q5: Why did the Town buy land at Churchill Place? 
• During the original 2018 tendering process, it became apparent that 4th Avenue would have to be closed completely during construction.  To address this issue, the Town purchased property at 1260 Churchill Place for the purpose of constructing a detour route that will be available during the construction period and could eventually become a permanent or emergency connection between Churchill and McKinley. 

Q6: When will the detour go into effect?
• 4th Avenue will be closed at the Rocky Creek Dip for the balance of the construction period.  This should start in the second or third week of June, and could extend until the end of the contract ion November 1.  The detour route involving McKinley and Churchill will be open throughout that period. 

Q7: What is being done to protect the safety of drivers and pedestrians in this area?  
• We’re asking that motorists are mindful of the communities and neighbourhoods they’re driving through, particularly those areas with a posted speed limit of 30 km/h.  At that speed we estimate it will take an extra three to five minutes to reach Forrest Field using the detour. 
• The Town has a variety of measures at our disposal to address concerns previously raised by residents, including:
Portable speed bumps 

Portable speed bumps 
Traffic volume and speed counters 
Option to request increased RCMP enforcement 
Speed watch by Ladysmith Citizens on Patrol 

• The Town will also regularly service the McKinley-Churchill access road using a dust control agent. 
• The TimberWest Forestry Road at the end of 4th Avenue, beside Forrest Field, is also available as an emergency access route if needed.

Q8: Where can I get more information?

• We will post regular updates on this website and through Twitter and Facebook.  We also encourage you to sign up for our Town bulletin (click the link on the home page at to get regular electronic newsletters and emergency bulletins.  You can also call our Infrastructure Services office at 250.245.6445 if you have any questions.

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