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Mar 01, 2019

Utility Billing Alert

If you have signed up for the pre-authorized utility bill payments, please read this:

During the transfer of the pre-authorized utility bill payments for the bills that were due by February 28, an error occurred causing some over-payments on accounts. 

If an over-payment of more than $20.00 occurred on your account, staff will be contacting you to determine if you wish the credit to remain on your account or have us issue a refund cheque.  If an underpayment occurred, there will be no penalties levied and the difference will be added to your next utility bill.

Our sincerest apologies for this mistake and for any inconvenience. Don't hesitate to call City Hall at 250.245.6400 or come in during business hours if this affected you.

 Ladysmith is a spirited community that values its small town quality of life, where we work together as stewards of our heritage, environment and economy.

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