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Oct 24, 2019

4th Avenue culvert replacement project on budget

The Town of Ladysmith is in the final phase of the 4th Avenue at Rocky Creek culvert replacement project and on track to have the job completed in November, and within budget. 

FortisBC will be at the site on October 31 to relocate its natural gas service. The project can then move ahead to completion pending any inclement weather which may impact the contractor’s schedule. 

In this final stretch, we are filling the roadway and getting ready for road and sidewalk paving.  Sewer and water services are now installed. 

The Town started work on the necessary infrastructure project on June 15 and finished all the stream work within the provincial fisheries window, which closed on October 11.

Replacement of the culvert at the Rocky Creek dip is critical to ensuring our core infrastructure can withstand the impacts of climate change – especially high water volumes during major storm events.

The new steel arch culvert is designed and built to modern engineering standards that anticipate major storm events. 

As you can see from the photo taken in early October, the culvert is more than double the size of the previous structure. It has a greater capacity to support increased water flows and fallen debris that have the potential to impact the normal course of the stream channel.
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