Ladysmith was one of  the first communities in Western Canada to offer curbside pick-up of organic household waste in addition to garbage and recycling pick up.


Organic waste includes:

  • Any Food Item (fruit / vegetable scraps, meat/fish products, bones, pasta, bread, cereal, dairy products, egg shells, cookies, cakes, coffee filters & grinds, tea bags)
  • Some Solid Paper Products (soiled paper towels / tissues, soiled paper food packaging)

Organic Waste DOES NOT Include:

  • Waxed paper products, plastic, metal, glass, soiled diapers, soiled sanitary napkins, pet excrement or litter, styrofoam, meat tray liners or yard / garden waste

Each household has two organic collection containers:

  • A small container that fits under the kitchen sink to hold daily kitchen scraps
  • A large container to collect the bags from your small container, that can be wheeled to the curb for pick up on your scheduled pick up day

Please see Organics and Recycling Separation for more information.

If you have any issues or questions regarding the pick-up of your garbage, recycling or organic waste, please call 250.245.5515, or send an e-mail to

Other Services / Resources:

A great resource for finding a place to recycle something is the Recycling Council of British Columbia Recyclopedia or the CVRD Recyclopedia.  The CVRD also has a Cowichan Recyclopedia.  Or call the CVRD Recycling Hotline at 1.800.665.3955.
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