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May 18, 2017

Fact Sheet -- Town Property at 900 Russell Road

The Town of Ladysmith intends to sell our property at 900 Russell Road in order to invest in the future of our community.

We have received questions about the property, its original intention, and future park development.  We have also become aware that there are different opinions about the history of the property.  

To help set the record straight, we have prepared a fact sheet about the property.  Below are a few of the key pieces of information.  Or, you can click here for the full Fact Sheet, and find a map here.  Please call or e-mail City Hall (250.245.6400 if you have questions.

  • The Town of Ladysmith purchased the property at 900 Russell Road in 2003 when it was listed by a realtor (Kent Knelson).  At the time, Council thought that a portion of the property might be used for future playing fields. The Town paid the full listed asking price of $190,000 for the property.
  • The only condition on the sale was that Council approval was required.  This condition was removed one week after the purchase offer.

  • At the time the Town purchased it, the property was zoned R-1 (Suburban Residential).  It is still zoned R-1 (called Single Dwelling Residential since the Zoning Bylaw was updated in 2014.)  The property has never been zoned as parkland, nor was it ever established as a park by the Town. 

  • There are 33 + acres of property to the south and west of 900 Russell Road that are owned by the Town and zoned P-3 – Natural Park.  The Town acquired all that property specifically to ensure that there is green space in the south end as other sites continue to be developed.
  • The property has been  for sale since 2010.  Although not always actively marketed, it has been listed on the town's website for the whole period

 Ladysmith is a spirited community that values its small town quality of life, where we work together as stewards of our heritage, environment and economy.

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