Tax Exemptions

Certain properties in the Town may be eligible for exemption of all or part of their property taxes.

Permissive Tax Exemption

The Town of Ladysmith recognizes the significant value of volunteers, volunteer groups and agencies to the spiritual, educational, social, cultural, and physical well-being of the community. A permissive tax exemption is a means for Council to support organizations within the community that further Council’s objective to enhance the quality of life while delivering services economically to the citizens of Ladysmith.

For more information, please see the Permissive Tax Exemption Policy and Application

Permissive Tax Exemption Renewal

Revitalization Tax Exemption Program

Council has recognized that it is difficult for taxpayers to invest in improvements to their commercial properties and also pay the increased tax due to the increase in the assessed value.  Council wishes to encourage revitalization of our commercial properties to ensure that they do not fall into disrepair.  In order to encourage the owners to make the required improvements to our commercial properties, Council has established this program to allow them to apply for a Revitalization Tax Exemption for the increased municipal tax due to the revitalization.

 Each project must meet the following downtown revitalization objectives:

  •  The property is within the Downtown Core.
  • The total cost of the project represents a significant investment by the property owner for a minimum total cost of $15,000;
  • Exterior building improvements meet or exceed the Town’s Downtown Specified Area Design Guidelines and will enhance the streetscape;
  • Structural and building code improvements will enhance the building’s condition, safety and ongoing viability;
  • Revitalization is to existing buildings.

Applications will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis with due consideration to the merits of the business case and the rehabilitation work proposed.

Revitalization Tax Exemption Information

Tax Exemption Bylaws

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
1867 Permissive Tax Exemption for 2015PDF3.38 MB29 Dec, 2015 Download
1890 Permissive Tax Exemption for 2016 Version 1 (inc LDHS at machine shop)PDF3.26 MB29 Dec, 2015 Download
1892 Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw AmendmentPDF651.70 KB29 Dec, 2015 Download
1838 Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw AmendmentPDF636.32 KB01 Apr, 2014 Download
1837 Permissive Tax Exemption for 2014PDF1.83 MB01 Apr, 2014 Download
1807 Revitalization Tax Exemption Economic ProgramPDF3.85 MB25 Sep, 2012 Download
1776.10yr Permissive Tax Exemption for 2012 ICFPDF136.82 KB30 Aug, 2012 Download
1742.Community Services Centre Permissive Tax Exemption for 2011-2020PDF142.99 KB30 Aug, 2012 Download
1664.RevitalizationTax Exemption Bylaw Amendment - Royal Dar.pdfPDF138.90 KB30 Aug, 2012 Download
1625 Revitalization Tax Exemption BylawPDF754.14 KB28 Oct, 2011 Download
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