Development Approval Information (DAI) Bylaw 2015, No. 1887

The purpose of requiring development approval information is to ensure that applicable studies and relevant information are provided to the Town of Ladysmith to evaluate the impact of a development proposed within the Town.  Development approval information may be required when the development proposal requires any of the following:
     a)   an amendment to the Zoning Bylaw;
     b)   the issuance of a development permit; and
     c)   the issuance of a temporary use permit. 

All lands located within the boundaries of the Town are designated as the area within which development approval information may be required.  The types of studies and information that may be required are related to:
     a)   transportation patterns and network;
     b)   local infrastructure (sanitary sewer, water supply, stormwater management);
     c)   the natural environment;
     d)   public facilities including community services, recreation facilities, parks and schools;
     e)   economic and social development;
     f)   archaeology and heritage;
     g)   form and character; and 
     h)   climate action including greenhouse gas reduction, energy conservation and water conservation.

To learn more please read the 'Development Approval Information Bylaw, 2015, No. 1887'.