Frequently Requested Bylaws

On this page, you will find copies of some of the most often requested bylaws.  The electronic versions of the bylaws are made available for convenience only. Official copies of most City bylaws can be obtained from City Hall or by calling 250.245.6400 or email:

Animal Control Bylaws
 1883 Amend Dog Licencing, Control and Pound
 - 1882 Parks Usage Amendment re: Dogs in Parks
 - 1155 Dog Licencing, Control and Pound Consol.
Animal and Poultry Bylaws
 - 1136 Animal and Poultry
Building and Plumbing Bylaws
 - 1119 Building and Plumbing Consolidated
 - 1940 Building Fire Sprinkler System
Burning Bylaws
 - 1815 Fire Prevention
Business Licence Bylaws
 - 1991 Inter-Community Business Licence and Fees Amendment Bylaw 2019
 - 1839 Inter-Community Business Licence
 - 1513 Business Licence
 - 1496 Intermunicipal Business Licence
Cemetery Bylaws
 - 1668 Cemetery Bylaw
Council-Related Bylaws
 - 1666 Council Procedure Bylaw
 - 1986 Council Remuneration
Development Approval Information Bylaws
 - 1887 Development Approval Information
Development Cost Charges (DCC) Bylaws
 - 2008 Development Cost Charges (DCC) bylaw
Election Bylaws
 - 1764 Election Amend to Include Mail Ballot Voting
 1339 Election Procedure and Automated Voting
 - 1327 Use of Provincial Voters List for Elections
Fees and Charges Bylaws
 - 1968 PRC Fees and Charges 2018
 - 1969 Fees and Charges Amendment
 1974 Fees and Charges Amendment
Fireworks Bylaws
The Town of Ladysmith follows the Cowichan Valley Regional District Bylaws for Fireworks
 - CVRD Fireworks Bylaw Consolidated 2015
 - CVRD Safety Awareness Information
Garbage / Sewer / Water Rates Bylaws
 - 2032 2020 Water Rates
 2033 2020 Sanitary Sewer Rates
 - 1783 Amend Garbage, Recyclables and Organics
 1746 Garbage Organics and Recycling
Emergency Service
Transit Information
Garbage Schedule
Heritage by the sea