The Town of Ladysmith has entered into agreements with a number of community-based organizations to support mutual aims and work together to build a stronger, sustainable community.

These include Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce (funding for Visitor Information Centre and office space); Ladysmith Maritime Society (various initiatives to increase marine visitors to the community); Ladysmith Golf Course Society (assistance with groundskeeping); Ladysmith Arts Council (provision of space for the Waterfront Art Gallery and a partnership to deliver art programming), and the Stz'uminus First Nation (see below).

Stz'uminus First Nation

Council members of the Town of Ladysmith and the Stz'uminus First Nation first signed a Community Accord in 2007, in which we pledged to strengthen our relationship and work together on matters of common interest.

Our two Councils have met regularly since 2007 and we utilize the resources of the Province's Community to Community (C2C) program to support our work. 

The Union of British Columbia Municipalities has consistently provided grant funding to facilitate these meetings.

Joint Community Report  published in February 2016 outlines the progress we have made together on our joint initiatives.

In 2012, our commitments were renewed under an updated Accord, titled the Naut’sa Mawt Community Accord ("working together" in the Hul'qumi'num language).  Updates to the Accord include:

  • a new section on implementing joint initiatives;
  • a commitment to joint education and communications;
  • a pact to develop further agreements together; and,
  • language that better reflects the respect and strengthened relationship between the two communities.

The purpose of the Accord remains the same to formally recognize and understand the common interests and goals of the two communities so that a strong framework is in place for community leaders to pursue, in partnership, initiatives and opportunities that serve greater good.

To continue to develop the cooperative relationship that exists between our Communities, we signed a  Co-operation Protocol in 2012 which outlined an agreement to pursue initiatives of common interest.  This protocol established a steering committee to implement the agreement.  this committee, called the Naut'sa Mawt Steering Committee, has been meeting regularly since 2012.  The Naut'sa Mawt Steering Committee has its own Terms of Reference.

The Cooperation Protocol was formalized in October 2012 with  the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding which sets out joint initiatives and the means for us to work together.  The list of 15 joint initiatives includes:

  • The inclusion of water and sewer services to SFN in the Town's Liquid Waste Management Plan and the support of the SFN for the LWMP and the Holland Lake/Stocking Lake Pipeline
  • Service agreements for Water and Sewer Services provided by the Town of Ladysmith to 1,500 homes in IR 12 and 13. with 100 of these connections to take place in the very near future
  • Collaborative watershed management for the protection of our shared drinking water supply
  • Clean-up of the Ladysmith Harbour and a possible marina expansion
  • Uniform bylaws for the protection of the environment
  • Joint applications for mutual funding opportunities and grants
  • Consultation on amendments to the Town's Official Community Plan
  • Joint development of industrial land in South Ladysmith
  • Inclusion of First Nations heritage and culture in future agreements and projects, and formal recognition of Stz'uminus First Nation within the Town

The Union of British Columbia Municipalities provided funding to facilitate the forming of these initiatives.

In November 2014, the Town and the Stz'uminus First Nation signed a joint sewer and water Services Agreement.