Other Community Projects

Here you will be able to find all our other programs and projects for a sustainable summer. Please contact us with program suggestions or projects that you think would create a more sustainable Ladysmith.

2nd Annual Native Plant Giveaway

The Town’s is hosting the 2nd Annual Native Plant Giveaway on June 22, 2022  and will be offering native, drought-resistant, and fire-resistant plants to Ladysmith residents. These will include trees, shrubs, perennials, fruit, flowering plants etc.

Planting native plants that are adjusted to the local climate and are drought-resistant is excellent and easy way to conserve water. This helps the community use less water throughout the dry summer and help conserve our limited water source.  Native plants also attract pollinators which are important for our ecosystems and biodiversity. 

The Town has approximately 120 plants that we will be giving away at the Native Plant Giveaway. 

Click the brochure link for a description of each of the plants, what conditions they prefer, and other tips for ensuring their success.
Native Plant Giveaway Brochure_cover