Energy Stewardship

New Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program for B.C. Homeowners

Up to $1,700 per home is available to help British Columbians upgrade from oil heating to efficient electric air source heat pumps through the Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program.  For more information please see New Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program.

The Town of Ladysmith is committed to being part of the solution to prevent climate change and to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The Town of Ladysmith completed a Community Energy Plan in 2008 to identify ways to reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions both throughout the community and from municipal operations. The Community Energy Plan is consistent with the Town’s commitment to the Climate Action Charter and supports the Province’s goal of achieving a 33% reduction in emissions by 2020. The community’s GHG reduction targets are:

  • 5% reduction in community GHG emissions by 2012 from 2007 levels.
  • 15% reduction in community GHG emissions by 2016 from 2007 levels.
  • 33% reduction in community GHG emissions by 2020 from 2007 levels.

Read the Ladysmith Community Energy Plan.

The Community Energy and GHG Inventory 2007 (CEEI) for Ladysmith indicates that in 2007 on road transportation was the source of 81.4% (30,953 tonnes) of GHG emissions; buildings was the source of 14.8% (5,616 tonnes) of GHG emissions; and solid waste was the cause of 4% (1,468 tonnes) of GHG emissions. To view the most current CEEI information for Ladysmith visit: Ministry of Environment.

To assist with reducing the ‘on-road transportation’ source of GHG emissions the Town of Ladysmith completed the Ladysmith Bicycle Plan. The Bicycle Plan provides recommendations for a connected spine of high quality bicycle facilities to encourage bicycle trips and to increase cyclist safety in the community. 

You can be part of the solution to help the community achieve its GHG reduction targets. The following links may be of interest to you:

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