Fire & Rescue

Ladysmith Fire Rescue, a volunteer fire department, provides fire protection to the Town of Ladysmith, parts of Saltair and the Diamond Improvement District.


Policing services are provided to the Town of Ladysmith by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Community Public Services

Learn more about Search and Rescue in Ladysmith.

Emergency Planning & Public Education

Do you know what to do if there is an earthquake?  Do you know where to go if your neighbourhood is evacuated? Find information on emergency preparedness and education.

Public Health

The Ladysmith Community Health Centre, formerly the Ladysmith Hospital, is a Primary Health Care Centre designed to provide a range of health and community services in one central location.

Wildlife in our Community

The Town of Ladysmith has started using natural pesticides to control pests in our community flower / garden beds.  Find out different ways to get those pests out of your garden, and learn which ones are actually good for your garden.

Highway Study

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure retained a consultant in 2018 to study six highway intersections in Ladysmith and has recommended multiple improvements to better manage the flow of vehicles along the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1) corridor through town.