Town of Ladysmith announces 2022 Community Public Art Banners

The main purpose of the Community Banner Program is beautification and community identity promotion. Community banners add vibrancy and community spirit throughout our Town.

The Public Art Banners represent Ladysmith’s small town charm, community life and diverse cultural heritage while highlighting the 2022 theme “Community on the Coast”.

This year, we are delighted to share our new designs by local artist Jason Harris. 

Harris is an accomplished carver who developed an interest in the traditional craft through his late father.

The 2022 theme for Town of Ladysmith’s Community Banner Program is Community on the Coast; Harris drew on his inspiration living near the Salish Sea, particularly in his portrayal of an otter searching for its next meal in Sea Searching (Otter).   The second banner design by Harris is Hummingbird Season, which is a tribute to the season of Spring. 

The Parks, Recreation & Culture Advisory Committee and Public Art Banners Selection Committee both endorsed Harris’ submission. Council approved the recommendations by both committees at its recent meeting on Tuesday, March 15, 2022.

The intent of the banner program is to beautify Ladysmith’s downtown core through public art while at the same time creating opportunities for local artists to showcase their work for all to enjoy.

Watch for the installation coming this May!

Jason Harris
Artist Bio - Jason Harris

I grew up in Stz’uminus and became interested in carving through my late father. He carved all his life and we did a carving course together in Cowichan in 2003 with the late master carver Simon Charlie.  My interest in carving slowly grew over the years, but I never thought I would live off my art. I did carving work on and off, and my art became my passion as more people started ordering carvings. I’ve made a lot of different kinds of traditional art our people use and am starting to show interest in designing and learning to paint.  

Sea Searching (Otter)

My otter is something that interests me a lot. One day, as I sat in the room where I carve, an otter actually run under our front deck. We live on oceanfront and my thought was ‘oh wow’ this otter is looking for something to eat. This design is of the otter sinking to the bottom of the ocean through the kelp to find something to eat such as Manila clams or sea urchin. You can see the bubbles coming from the otter’s mouth as sinks and he’s holding his tail from tangling in the kelp. The colours are those traditionally used by our people.

Hummingbird Season

The hummingbird! These hummingbirds are extremely happy for the season of Spring. You can notice the colours of red flowers and green grass. There is so much to feed off in Spring and these hummingbirds blend with the colour of the season they love.