Freedom of information

The Freedom of Information/Protection of Privacy legislation is administered through the Corporate Services Department as authorized by "Town of Ladysmith Freedom of Information Bylaw 1994, No. 1138". This legislation applies to all records in the custody or under the control of public bodies like the Town of Ladysmith. It affords the public a right to access these records although there are limited exceptions to that right. The Act also regulates how Ladysmith collects, uses and discloses a wide range of personal information in fulfilling its statutory responsibilities and operating its programs.

Routine Requests

Ladysmith has always prided itself on being open and accountable to members of the public. The Town readily shares its records on a routine basis. Most of the information sought by the public is available and such requests are handled informally without going through the legislation. Front line staff are happy to provide records such as agendas, minutes, bylaws, policies and procedures and information related to your property upon request.

Formal requests under the Act are managed by the Corporate Services Department. A formal request is a request in writing for records that are not routinely available.  To find out if a formal request is required, please contact City Hall at 250.245.6400.

How to Submit a Formal Request

If you know a formal request is required, an access to information form should be submitted. Click to access Freedom of Information Request Form.  The request should provide sufficient detail to assist staff in locating and retrieving the records.

 Mail: In person:   Email:
Town of Ladysmith
Attn: FOI Coordinator
Box 220
Ladysmith, BC  V9G 1A2
 Town of Ladysmith City Hall
Attn: FOI Coordinator
410 Esplanade
Ladysmith, BC


Under the legislation the Town is authorized to charge a fee for certain limited costs of providing applicants with records. If there are costs involved in processing a formal request, the applicant will be provided with an estimate before the application is fully processed.