Newsletters & Inserts

The Town sends update newletters with Utility Invoices and Property Tax Notices.  Please find previous publications below:

  2020  2019  2018 2017 2016
Property Tax Insert    2019 PT 2018 PT 2017 PT    2016 PT
January UB Insert 2020.01 UB 2019.01 UB
2018.01 UB 2017.01 UB 2016.01 UB
April UB Insert   2019.04 UB 2018.04 UB 2017.04 UB
2016.04 UB
July UB Insert   2019.07 UB 2018.07 UB 2017.07 UB
2016.07 UB
October UB Insert   2019.10 UB 2018.10.12 UB 2017.10 UB
2016.10 UB

Take 5 Magazine - Mayor's Column:

March Water Filtration
May Budget

February Strategic Priorities July Partnerships
March Public Engagement September Waterfront
May Budget 2016 October Small Business
June Employment and Tax Diversity                 November Volunteers
April Green July The New Normal (Water)             
May Budget October Economic Development
June Waterfront & Harbour December First Year as Mayor

Other Plans, Reports and Publications

Please visit our 'Community Plans' pages for additional important reports and publications.

Emergency Service
Transit Information
Garbage Schedule
Heritage by the sea