Property Taxes and Assessments

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The 2018 Property Tax bills will be mailed by mid May. To claim the 2018 Home Owner Grant, click here. Please note that this service is not compatible on a handheld device.

Did you Know?

36% of all property taxes collected by the Town of Ladysmith go directly to other agencies to pay for services like schools, the Vancouver Island Regional Library, the Cowichan Valley Regional District and the Cowichan Regional Hospital fund. Sewer and water parcel taxes make up 20 per cent of taxes collected.

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My Property Assessment Went Up.  How Does This Affect My Property Taxes?

The value of your property is assessed by the B.C. Assessment Authority yearly.  

Each January, BC Assessment Authority mails property assessment notices to the owners of 2+ million properties in the province. The notice contains your assessed value, which is the estimated market value of your property as of July 1st of the previous year, the property classification, and tax exemption status. 

In Ladysmith, residential property assessments rose by 16.66 per cent for 2018, while assessments for business/other classes went up by 9.61 per cent.  However, this does not mean that your property tax will automatically increase.  Here is how to tell if you property taxes will go up:  if your assessment has increased more than the average assessment increase in your property class, then it is likely you will see a higher tax increase.  The diagram below is taken from the BC Assessment website. 

**The diagram above assumes that there are no changes in the budgetary requirements of your taxing authority and/or any other taxing agency (from BC Assessment).

If you disagree with your property tax assessment, you must file an appeal with BC Assessment by January 31.  You can call 1-866-825-8322, or complete the form at the following link, which also gives full information about the appeal process:

Questions relating to your property assessment should be referred to the B.C. Assessment Authority in Nanaimo (#300 - 125 Wallace Street, Nanaimo, BC V9R 5B2) at 1.800.977.2775 or 250.753.6621.  For more information on the B.C. Assessment Authority, visit the BC Assessment  website.

Property taxation is the most important single source of municipal revenue. The value of your property, as assessed by the B.C. Assessment Authority, is multiplied by the tax rates as set out by each of the taxing jurisdictions to determine your property taxes.

If you have questions regarding property taxes, please contact the Financial Services Department at 250.245.6414, ext 6206 or email  

2017 Home Owner Grant

If you missed claiming the 2017 Home Owner Grant, you can apply for it by filling out the Retro-Active Home Owner Grant and bringing it to City Hall before December 31, 2018.

2018 Property Tax Due Date is July 3rd, 2018 at 4:00 p.m.

Property Tax Payment Options:

  • electronically at participating financial institutions;
  • in person at City Hall (cash, cheque or Interac);
  • at most financial institutions in Canada or;
  • by mail.  Please Note: Postmarks are NOT accepted as date of payment.
  • Home Owner Grants must be received at City Hall or electronically before the due date.

If you have any questions regarding your Tax Notice, please contact City Hall at 250.245.6400.


If you are moving please update your information with BC Assessment:
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