Finding both short and long-term solutions for the composting smell at our Public Works Yard is a top priority for Council and staff, and we are making progress.  The Town is very pleased to confirm that we have secured a property in the industrial zoned area in south Ladysmith.  We will build a new enclosed bio-solids composting facility at this new site, complete with bio-filters to prevent odour. 

In the meantime, securing an interim solution is now our main focus.  We continue to hold advanced discussions with other operators to take our waste until we can move the operation.  However, until we have a firm commitment for a temporary new location, we will have to continue the composting operation at the Public Works Yard.  We continue to do everything we can to mitigate the smell at the Public Works Yard, and continue to do the worst work at night. 

The bio-solids are the byproduct of our Waste Water Treatment process (sewage plant), and the Town is responsible for managing them.  Composting is a viable and beneficial option for responsible bio-solids management. The Town must comply with regulations laid out in the Organic Material Recycling Regulation and these activities are authorized by the Ministry of Environment.  We do not mix household compostables in with the bio-solids.  The final product is a high-quality top soil that meets Class A standards. 

Composting of Waste Water Treatment Plant bio-solids has been carried out at the Town of Ladysmith Public Works Yard since the 1990s.  However, the secondary sludge produced by our new Waste Water Treatment Plant, which came on-stream last summer, is significantly more odorous than the primary sludge produced by our old facility.  Council therefore voted last year not to construct a new composting building at the Public Works site, and put a priority on moving the operation completely.  

Regular updates and timelines will be posted here.  You can also visit our Bio-Solids page for information about how we treat the bio-solids resulting from our waste water treatment.

Waste Water Treatment Plant - Overview