Ladysmith is home to residents who, through their exceptional personal or public efforts have brought recognition, fame, achievement or have otherwise contributed to the Town in tangible or intangible ways.

The Town’s Civic Recognition Program is a multi-level program of awards which seeks to recognize these individuals or organizations.

Recognition is determined based on the level of accomplishment or achievement and consists of the following awards:

Freedom of the Town

As the highest honour the Town can bestow, the Freedom of the Town honour is conferred as a way of recognizing individuals who have served the community with distinction, and whose exceptional contributions have helped to build the Town. This lifetime honour is given only in exceptional cases.

Nominations of potential recipients will be put forward by Council members.

Award of Honour

The Award of Honour recognizes individuals or organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the community. This could include significant achievements in sports, science, social, and cultures either within the Town and the Province or nationally or internationally. It could also include significant acts of philanthropy.

Achievement Award

The Achievement Award is presented to individuals, teams or groups who achieve provincial, national or international recognition in the areas of sports, science, social, and cultures or perform a noteworthy deed which is considered of benefit to the community.

Certificate of Appreciation

The Certificate of Appreciation represents the expression of appreciation of an individual or organization or Town-appointed Commission member in recognition of the commitment and contribution that person or organization made towards the Town of Ladysmith.

Find the nomination form here.