Under the Local Government Act, a local government can create a Community Heritage Register of historic places that have heritage value or heritage character.  This enables the local government to understand and identify the significance of a community’s historic places, to monitor heritage properties for proposed changes, and to integrate heritage conservation activities into other land use planning processes. The creation of a Community Heritage Register, in accordance with section 954 of the Local Government Act, ensures the inclusion of a community’s historic places on the British Columbia Register of Historic Places (BCRHP), the official provincial listing of historic places that have been formally recognized for their heritage value by the provincial or local governments. Listings on the BCRHP may also be included on the Canadian Register of Historic Places (CRHP).

 The properties on the Ladysmith Community Heritage Register are:
 Traveller’s Hotel  422 First Avenue
 St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church  314 Buller Street
 Agricultural (Aggie) Hall and Sports Field  1110 First Avenue
 First Avenue, West Side  Between Roberts and High Streets
 Island Hotel  440 First Avenue
 Ladysmith Trading Company  410 First Avenue
 Nicholson Block  436 First Avenue
 Mainstreet Building  512 First Avenue
 Small Shop  530 First Avenue
 Comox Logging and Railway Shops Building  610 Oyster Bay Drive
 The Old Post Office  340 Esplanade
 Temperance Hotel  32 High Street
 Convent School  210 Buller Street
 Jones Hotel  12 Gatacre Street
 516 First Avenue Building  516 First Avenue
 Eagles Hall  921 First Avenue
 Coburn/Verchere House  641 Third Avenue
 Jessup's Drug Store  18 High Street
 Music Hall  18 Roberts Street
 Masonic Hall  26 Gatacre Street
 Johnson's Shoes Building  528 First Avenue
 Ladysmith Railway Station  E&N Railway
 Ladysmith Cemetery  320 Christie Road
 Ladysmith Town Hall  410 Esplanade
 Nicholson House  421 First Avenue 
 Old Telephone Office Building  422 Esplanade 
 534 First Avenue Building  534 First Avenue 
 Bayview Apartment Building  110 Esplanade 
 Ladysmith Arboretum  Transfer Beach Boulevard 
 Knight's Clock  First Avenue 
 Dragon City Restaurant Sign  322 Esplanade 
 341 First Avenue Building  341 First Avenue 
 Ladysmith Hotel  431 First Avenue

Heritage Inventory

Published in 1990, the Heritage Inventory tells the story of Ladysmith’s history through its heritage buildings and places.  The Ladysmith Heritage Inventory is available for sale through the Ladysmith & District Historical Society at 250.245.0100;  Unit B, 1115 First Avenue (below Tim Hortons), Box 813, Ladysmith, B.C.  V9G 1A6

Ladysmith "Heritage Walk" Routes

The “Ladysmith Heritage Walk I Artifacts” brochure highlights Ladysmith’s history of coal mining, forestry, rail and marine industry. The walk links our living heritage downtown to the working waterfront and Transfer Beach Park.

The “Ladysmith Heritage Walk II Brochure” brochure highlights Ladysmith’s iconic streetscape that was created virtually overnight, with many buildings transported from Nanaimo at the turn of the last century. This diverse group of heritage structures is a vibrant legacy and source of community pride.

The brochures are available at the Visitor Centre and City Hall, and provide great walking tours around the Town.