Our Waterfront Project Documents (large documents will take up to a minute to load)                               
Drop-In Event Panels (July 2017) Snapshot of Phase 3 Public Input – August 2017
Charrette Brief (March 2017) Community Engagement Summary
Development Permit Area 1 -
Maritime (January 2018)
Ladysmith Harbour Technical Reports 
Remedial Costs, (Golder 2012) Geotechnical Assessment, (Golder 2012)
Site Investigation, (Golder 2011)                                Marine Sediment and Options, (Golder 2011)               
Technical Memo, (Golder 2010)  

Ladysmith Waterfront Related Plans                                                                               
Community Vision Report (2008)     Public Preference Handbook (2008)       Waterfront Area Plan (1997)

Stz'uminus First Nation and Town of Ladysmith Partnership Information 
Community Accord (2007) Naut'Sa Mawt Community Accord (2012)                     
Co-operation Protocol (2012) Memorandum of Understanding (2012)
Joint Community Report (2016)                                 

More information about the partnership between the Stz'uminus First Nation and Town of Ladysmith can be found here.