Building permit fees are provided below. 

Development Cost Charges may also apply at the time of building permit application for commercial, industrial, multi-family residential and institutional projects.  Works and services upgrades may also be required. 

Schedule "J"

"Building and Pluming Bylaw 1994, No. 1119" (Bylaw 1825)

Building Permits

Building Valuation:  For single and two family dwellings, factory built homes, mobile homes and moved buildings, and buildings accessory thereto, the value of construction used to determine the permit fee shall be calculated based on the values as specified in the table or the value of construction stated on the building permit application whichever is higher.  All other building types, based on the Architect’s Estimate of the value of construction or verified by a valuation service such as Marshall Swift.  Fees
  1.      Main Floor 
  2.      Additional Floor(s) 
  3.      Garage 
  4.      Carport 
  5.      Sundeck 
  6.      Basement 
  7.      Secondary Suite 
Building Permit Fees and Inspection Charges:
All except Mobile Home/Manufactured Home:  Percent of building valuation  calculated above:   
Minimum Building Permit Fee
Mobile Home/Manufactured Home Flat Rate:

Driveway Access Permit Fee  $50
Plumbing Permit Fee: Minimum # of fixtures – 1 or 2  
  3 or more fixtures  
Water Service Inspection Fee 
Sanitary Sewer Inspection Fee 
Storm Drain Inspection Fee 
Permit Fee to Wreck or Demolish a Building
- building floor area of 186.0 sq.m. (2,000 sq.ft.) or less 
- building floor area larger than 186 sq.m.  

Double Fee: If any work for which a permit is required is commenced before a permit has been
obtained, the fee payable shall be doubled.
Re-Inspection Fee:  For building or plumbing inspection required as a result of a call back where
work was incomplete or improperly done 
Permit Fee to Move a Building (within the municipality) 
For building inspections prior to a move:
- building floor area of 93.0 sq.m. or less  
- building floor area or larger than 93.0 sq.m. (1000 sq.ft.) 
Note:  This fee is in addition to permit fee required for the moved building and the construction
undertaken at the new site.
Permit Fee to Move a Mobile Home Located Within Ladysmith to Another Site Within Ladysmith


Other Fees: File review fees  
     Survey certificate, file review 
     Mobile home parks  
     Sprinkler systems – First head 
     Sprinkler systems – 2-50 head 
     Sprinkler systems – Each additional head 
     Damage deposit (non-interest bearing) 
 Building Envelope Remediation Administration Fee 
Fee Reduction: Professional Design