What happens when it starts to snow in Ladysmith?

The Town’s goal is to provide safe conditions for emergency responders, motorists as well as pedestrians.

Our crews maintain over 65 km of roads and lanes and we strive to have all roads passable within 48 hours once the snowfall or weather event has ended. 

Snow plowing and ice control will be carried out on a priority basis to best serve the needs of emergency vehicles and the public.

First priority routes are maintained until conditions improve, only then are resources directed to subsequent routes. If conditions deteriorate in any of the first priority areas, resources will be redirected as needed.


  • Emergency routes (Symonds Street, Roberts Street, 1st Avenue, 4th Avenue, Davis Road, Dogwood Drive, Chemainus Road)
  • RCMP detachment, Ladysmith Fire Hall, Community Health Centre access
  • School zones
  • Town water and wastewater facilities


  • Hills (Buller Street, High Street, Methuen Street)
  • Commercial core (1st Avenue streets and sidewalks)
  • Main collector roads (2nd Avenue, 3rd Avenue, Colonia Drive, Malone Road)


  • Residential roads
  • Cul-de-sacs
  • Alleyways

Addressing road priorities may be balanced against efficiency of operation resulting in some lower priority roads or hills being treated because they are in the vicinity of high priority routes.  In the event of an emergency, resources may be diverted to a non-priority road to allow access.

When possible, residents are asked not to park on the roads, to allow room for plows.  Town operators will not lift plow blades to avoid driveways nor send crews afterward to clear driveways or sidewalks.


Clearing catch basins that are plugged with snow will help make a big difference in alleviating localized flooding as temperatures warm after a snowfall.

Ladysmith residents can help out by clearing storm drains in front of your home to prevent water from pooling on roads.


After a snowfall, help us, help you, by clearing out the snow around fire hydrants and don’t pile up snow around them.  Make sure there is 1 metre (3 feet) of clearance around the Hydrant and clear the path to the street.


It is the responsibility of property owners to clear snow from sidewalks fronting or adjacent to their properties by 10:00 a.m. following a snowfall as per “Town of Ladysmith Streets and Traffic Bylaw 1998, No. 1309”.  Shoveling your sidewalks will help to ensure the safety of your fellow citizens.  And, if your neighbor needs help, please be a snow angel for them.

The Town will clear sidewalks and parking lots adjacent to Town-owned buildings and property, as well as sidewalks along 1st Avenue in the downtown core. This work will be scheduled to coincide with morning, daytime, and evening pedestrian use and not on a 24-hour basis. While the Town places sidewalks as a priority, resources may not be available for sidewalks and parking lots until adequate resources have been directed to the control of snow and ice on first priority roads.


Snow and ice control will not be conducted on private property, including strata developments, unless it is necessary to access Town infrastructure. Exceptions may be made if an emergency request is made for access by police, fire or ambulance.

Snow removed from private property must not be stored or taken to Town-owned land or roads.

View Priority Routes Map.

View Priority Sidewalks Map.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the plow push the snow into my driveway?
Shovelling snow is hard work and it is understandable that you may be frustrated when the plow driver deposits snow into your freshly shovelled area. Operators are aware of the inconvenience and attempt to avoid the problem wherever possible.  However, please keep in mind that the plow is fixed and can't be turned, lifted or stopped at each driveway as it passes.  A great way to reduce the amount of snow that is pushed into your driveway is to pile the snow you've shovelled on the right side of the driveway (as you are looking at the driveway from your house).

Do I have to clear the sidewalk bordering my property?
Yes, snow is required to be removed from sidewalks by 10:00 a.m. following the snowfall, by the home owner, commercial property owner or the occupier.  The Town deeply appreciates the efforts of those citizens who regularly assist their elderly and/or disabled neighbours in this regard.  For your convenience the Town makes available a salt/sand mixture to assist residents with their efforts to keep sidewalks clear and safe.  The mixture is available (seasonally) for pickup  at no cost, from the marked container outside the Public Works Yard.

Does the Town Tow Vehicles During Snowfalls?
We ask that residents park their vehicles in their driveways or on their property and remove any basketball hoops or skateboard ramps to keep the roadway clear for the Town crews.  Yes, the Town does tow vehicles during snowfalls from time to time in order to ensure routes are clear, especially for emergency traffic.  To find out if your vehicle has been towed by the Town, call  Public Works at 250.245.6445

Contact us
During regular office hours (Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.), call 250.245.6445, or email info@ladysmith.ca. If there is an emergency requiring Town assistance outside of regular hours, call 250.245.6445 or 250.245.6400 and listen to the prompts for details.