Burn Awareness Week

Burn Awareness Week teaches kids how to be responsible for their personal safety, and increases family awareness of potentially harmful situations.

For more information, please visit the Burn Awareness Week website.

Fire Prevention Week: October 4-10

During Fire Prevention Week, firefighters visit local schools to teach children about fire safety. One lucky child's name will be drawn from a hat to become the Fire Chief For A Day. The Fire Chief For A Day will get to spend a day at the fire hall, get a ride on the fire trucks and be treated to dinner at the local McDonald's restaurant.
For more information: www.gov.bc.ca/firesafety/firepreventionweek 

Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Program:

The Juvenile Fire setter Intervention Program is a program that was put together by the Fire Safety Advisory Council and the Office of the Fire Commissioner. Juvenile fire setting is a serious problem, regardless of the child's motivation for the fire start. Fire setting can begin at a very early age and may continue into adulthood. Recognizing juvenile fire setting early and taking appropriate corrective measures can greatly reduce the risk of future fire setting incidences. Prevention, education and intervention are keys to reducing the problem. Ladysmith Fire/Rescue Juvenile Fire setter Intervention Program can provide an avenue for all three. Any inquiries can be referred to the Fire Chief at the Ladysmith Fire Hall: 250.245.6436

Click here for Safety Games and Activities for Children

L.E.R.N. Program:

The Local Emergency Response Network program teaches citizens about fire behavior, the classes of fire, fire safety and the safe use of fire extinguishers. This program has a practical portion to it where each student will be required to extinguish a small class B fire with a fire extinguisher under controlled conditions. Any inquiries can be referred to the Fire Chief at the Ladysmith Fire Hall: 250.245.6436

Fire Safety for the Babysitter:

This program is provided in conjunction with the Babysitter course provided at the Frank Jameson Community Centre. Ladysmith Fire/Rescue teaches the fire safety module of the course. Any inquiries can be referred to the Frank Jameson Community Centre: 250.245.6424

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