Tuesday, October 4, 2016 -  Council Meeting
Time other than Call to Order is elapsed time.
Due to technical difficulties, the first few minutes of this meeting did not record.
6:30 p.m. Call to Order
  1. - Closed Session
In accordance with section 90(1) of the Community Charter, this section of the meeting
will be held In Camera to consider matters related to the following:
     Status of sale of Town-owned properties and proposed property acquisitions
7:00 p.m. Regular Meeting Call to Order
2. - Agenda Approval
  3. - Rise and Report - items from closed meeting
  4. - Minutes
  4.1 Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council held September 19, 2016
  5. - Delegations
10:00   5.1 Presentation:  Citizen of the Year Award to Myf Plecas

Special Presentation
17:03   5.3

Community Living BC Central Upper Island Community Council
Mark Skelton and Jessica Humphrey
Introduction of the CLBC Central Upper Island Community Council
  6. - Proclamations
14:55   6.1

Mayor Stone has proclaimed the month of October 2016 as “Small Business
Month” in the Town of Ladysmith, recognizing the determination, commitment
and contributions of all businesses in our community.
28.50   6.2

Mayor Stone has proclaimed the month of October 2016 as “Community Living
Month” in the Town of Ladysmith, in recognition that a thriving community requires
the inclusion and participation of all its members.
29:16   6.3

Mayor Stone has proclaimed October 16 to October 22, 2016 as National Teen
Driver Safety Week in the Town of Ladysmith, encouraging all citizens to help
change road-related injury statistics by promoting and setting examples of
non-distracted, safe driving.
  7. - Development Applications
29:47   7.1

Neighbourhood Meeting Report:  Development Variance Permit 16-04 (MacCallum)   
Subject Property: Lot 1, District Lot 43, Oyster District, Plan 6424 (117 Clarke Road)
51:00   7.2

Zoning Bylaw Amendment Application – 630 Farrell Road (Schnurch) 
Subject Property: Lot 2, District Lot 41, Oyster District, Plan VIP79202
8. - Bylaws (Official Community Plan and Zoning) -- None
  9. - Committee Reports
53:30   9.1

Mayor A. Stone
Cowichan Valley Regional District; Advisory Design Panel; Ladysmith Chamber of
54:58   9.2

Councillor R. Hutchins
Heritage Revitalization Advisory Commission; Liquid Waste Management Committee;Protective Services Committee; Stocking Lake Advisory Committee
56:00   9.3

Councillor C. Henderson
Community Health Advisory Committee/Interagency Group; Ladysmith Early Years
Partnership; Social Planning Cowichan – Affordable Housing Directorate; Youth
Advisory Committee
58:35   9.4

Councillor D. Paterson
Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission; Protective Services Committee; Festival
of Lights Committee
1:02.47   9.5

Councillor J. Friesenhan
Liquid Waste Management Committee; Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission
1:02.57   9.6

Councillor C. Fradin
Community Safety Advisory Commission; Advisory Planning Commission; Liquid
Waste Management Committee; Ladysmith Downtown Business Association
1:03.44   9.7

Councillor S. Arnett
Municipal Services Committee; Vancouver Island Regional Library Board; Stocking
Lake Advisory Committee; Celebrations Committee
  10. - Staff Reports
1:12.11   10.1 Fenced Off-Leash Dog Areas
  11. - Correspondence -- None
  12. - New Business
1:25.05   12.1

Appointment of Officers
Staff Recommendation:
That, further to Council’s recent direction with respect to changes to the Town’s
organizational structure, Council appoint Joanna Winter as Corporate Officer for the
Town of Ladysmith, and Guillermo Ferrero and Erin Anderson as Deputy Corporate
Officers for the Town of Ladysmith.
1:25.40   12.2

Notice of Motion - Status of Contaminated Site Profile Process
Councillor Duck Paterson requests Council's consideration of the following motion:
That Council direct staff to research the status of the provincial Site Profile Process
for contaminated sites and report back to Council regarding the process as it relates
to the former gas station at Trans Canada Highway and Strathcona Road.
1:26.45   12.3 Affordable Housing - Councillor Arnett
  13. - Unfinished Business
14. - Question Period
  15. Adjournment