5:00 p.m. Special Council Meeting Call to Order
1. - Closed Session

In accordance with section 90 of the Community Charter, this section of the meeting will be
held In Camera to consider matters related to the following:

  • Various matters related to section 90(1)(e) -- the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality;
7:00 Regular Meeting (7:00 p.m.)
3.00 2. Agenda Approval
5.45 3. Rise and Report - Items from Closed Meeting
5.48 4. Minutes
4.1. Minutes of the Special Meeting of Council held June 27, 2017
4.2. Minutes of the Special Meeting of Council held July 10, 2017
6.29 5. Delegations
6.29   5.1.
Sidney Mrus, Brandy Olson, Nina Charley and Madeline Tremblay -- 
Ladysmith Ambassadors and Committee Member
Introduction of 2017-2018 Ladysmith Ambassadors Team and Thank You from Current BC Ambassador 
13.43   5.2. Ladysmith Sportsmen’s Club , Dave Judson  
Recognition for Involvement in Watershed Cleanup (Possible) 
  6. Proclamations - None
  7. Development Applications 
7.1. Development Variance Permit Application 3090-17-03 (905 Hanington Road) 
  8. Bylaws (Official Community Plan and Zoning - None)
  9.Committee Reports
9.1. Washroom in Downtown Ladysmith (Kinsmen Project Proposal)

 9.1.1 Support the concept of a public washroom being placed in the alley between the buildings at 521 and 531 First Avenue, subject to:
          i. The Kinsmen Club presenting a more complete proposal for the washroom and site including:
- A site/landscape plan and building design with exterior façade details respecting ADP and HRAC comments, and the Downtown Development Permit Area guidelines; and
- A review of safety and Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CEPTED) impacts of the proposed washroom and solutions to mitigate impacts.
         ii. Review by Development Services staff and the Heritage Revitalization Advisory Commission of the site/landscape plan and building design; 
         iii. Approval by Infrastructure Services for the water and sanitary service solutions for the proposed washroom.
         iv. The Town following the requirements in Section 40 of the Community Charter to consider closure and removal of road dedication to allow a washroom building to be located on that portion of the alley.
       9.1.2. Approve the site/landscape plan and building design and maintenance costs prior to installation.
29.50   9.2  Town of Ladysmith 2016 Annual Report (attached separately)
38.57   9.3 Service Agreement with Ladysmith and District Historical Society
  10. Bylaws
10.1. Town of Ladysmith Parks Usage Bylaw 2016, No. 1933
  11. Correspondence
11.1.  Judy Kozler, Town and Country Park Residents
Request for the Development of a Safe Walkway from the Town and Country Park to Coronation Mall
11.2. Lindley Little, BC Timber Sales Strait of Georgia Business Area 
Request for referral for BC Timber Sales’ Pacific Maritime Forest Stewardship Plan
1:11:28   11.3. Sarah Pachkowsky, Habitat for Humanity Mid-Vancouver Island
Request for letter of support to BC Hydro

12. New Business
1:12:23 13. Unfinished Business

13.1. Propsal to Host Beach Volleyball events at 2018 Cowichan BC Summer Games
1:12.30 14. Question Period