Due to Public Hearing location changed to Eagles Hall, this meeting was unable to be streamed.
5:00 p.m. Special Council Meeting Call to Order
1. - Closed Session

In accordance with section 90(1) of the Community Charter, this section of the meeting will be
held In Camera to consider matters related to the following:

  • Provision of a municipal service - Section 90 (1) (k)
  • Appointments to advisory committees - Section 90 (1) (a)
  • Human Resources matter - Section 90 (1) (c)
  • Lease of Town-owned properties - Section 90 (1) (e)
  Regular Meeting (7:00 p.m.)
  2. Agenda Approval
3. Public Hearing
    3.1. Zoning Bylaw Amendment Bylaw 1921
       3.1.1. Outline of Public Hearing Process - Mayor Stone
       3.1.2. Introduction of Bylaw and Statutory Requirements - Director of Development Services
       3.1.3. Written Submissions
       3.1.4. Call for Submissions to Council (Three Times)
       3.1.5. Declaration that the Public Hearing for Bylaw 1921 is Closed
  4. Rise and Report
  5. Minutes
    5.1. Minutes of the Special Meeting of Council held February 9, 2017
    5.2. Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council held February 20, 2017
  6. Proclamations
  7. Development Applications
  7.1.  Development Variance Permit Application - 826 Craig Road (Wolff)
  8. Bylaws (Official Community Plan & Zoning)
    8.1. Bylaw 1921 – Amend Zoning Bylaw to Explicitly Prohibit Retail Sale of Marihuana
  9. Committee Reports
    9.1. Mayor Stone
Cowichan Valley Regional District; Waterfront Design Charrett; Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce; Stocking Lake Advisory Committee
    9.2. Councillor Hutchins
Municipal Services Committee; Heritage Revitalization Advisory Commission; Waterfront Design Charrette; 2017 Parcel Tax Review Panel
 - 9.2.1. Heritage Revitalization Advisory Commission Report regarding Support for the Heritage Tax Credit Bill
    9.3 Councillor C. Henderson
Invasive Species Advisory Committee; Interagency Group; Ladysmith Early Years Partnership; Social Planning Cowichan; Ladysmith Community Justice Program
    9.4 Councillor D. Paterson
Parks, Recreation and Culture Advisory Committee; Protective Services Committee; 2017 Parcel Tax Review Panel; Advisory Design Panel
-9.4.1. Canada 150  Celebration Update
    9.5. Councillor J. Friesenhan
Liquid Waste Management Committee; Ladysmith Downtown Business Association; Waterfront Design Charrette; Ladysmith Festival of Lights Committee
    9.6.  Councillor C. Fradin
Community Safety Advisory Commission; Liquid Waste Management Committee; Protective Services Committee; Celebrations Committee
    9.7. Councillor S. Arnett
Vancouver Island Regional Library Board; Stocking Lake Advisory Committee; Liquid Waste Management Committee; 2017 Parcel Tax Review Panel; Advisory Planning Commission
  10. Reports
    10.1. Boundary Extension Request
Lot 20, District Lot 41, Oyster District, Plan 2519, except parts in Plans 8993, 43985 and EPP28332 (W.Rosen and J. Stringer)
    10.2. Status of Provincial Contaminated Site Profiles Process
    10.3.  2017 Grants-in-Aid
  11. Bylaws
    11.1. Town of Ladysmith Road Closure and Dedication Removal Bylaw 2016, No. 1916
    11.2. Town of Ladysmith Waterworks Regulations Bylaw 1999, No. 1298, Amendment Bylaw 2017, No. 1923
    11.3. Town of Ladysmith Sanitary Sewer Rates Bylaw 1999, No. 1299, Amendment Bylaw 2017, No. 1924
    11.4. Town of Ladysmith Utility Penalties Repeal Bylaw 1925 
  12. Correspondence
  12.1.  Festival of Lights
Request to Erect Canada 150 Decoration on City Hall Roof
  12.2. Ladysmith Downtown Business Association
Request to Waive Trolley and Driver fee for the Annual Old Time Christmas Event
  12.3. Ladysmith Ambassador Program
Request to Advertise in the Coronation Evening Program
  12.4.  Vancouver Island and Coast Conservation Society
Request for Letter of Support 
  13. New Business
  13.1.  Ratification of Appointment to Cowichan Region Smoke-Free Task Force
  14. Unfinished Business
  15. Question Period