Feb 01, 2016

Council Confirms Its Strategic Priorities for 2016 to 2019

Council has adopted a new set of strategic priorities, the culmination of a planning process that started last fall. These priorities will provide focus and direction to Council and staff over the next four years.

Here are the five strategic priorities:
  •  Employment and Tax Diversity  –  Promote responsible investment and innovative management of municipal resources to support community prosperity, sustainable economic development, industry diversification and quality of employment opportunities in the Ladysmith area.
  •  Natural and Built Infrastructure  –  Maintain, renew and expand both natural and built infrastructure.
  • Watershed Protection and Water Management – be leaders, stewards and advocated for securing and protecting Ladysmith’s watershed, delivery of safe drinking water and responsible management of water resources.
  • Communications and Engagement – Improve community engagement and communications through active collaboration with partners and investment in information technology.
  • Partnerships – Enhance connection to the community by broadening and strengthening collaboration.  Accelerate delivery of strategic objectives by working with others, building internal and community capacity in the process.  Facilitate meaningful citizen involvement.

In setting the new strategic priorities, Council considered a broad range of documents, plans and external factors, as well as legislated responsibilities and requirements, consideration for the overall health and well-being of the community and the environment, and respect for the taxpayers’ ability to pay for programs and services.

With the Strategic Priorities as a framework, Council will now turn its attention to the 2016 budget and the five-year Financial Plan. All budget meetings are open to the public, and Council encourages you to come out and have your input to the process.  Click here for the schedule of Council budget meetings, which start on Tuesday, January 26.

Download the full Council Strategic Priorities document and the 2016 Priorities summary document, or contact City Hall (250.245.6400) for a copy.