Feb 12, 2016

Town of Ladysmith Receives Grant Funding for Two Projects

Funding for two projects in the Town of Ladysmith was confirmed in separate announcements this week.

Ladysmith has received a $1 million grant and a $10 million loan through the Green Municipal Fund to support upgrades at the Waste Water Treatment Plant.   The Town is also receiving $80,000 from the Federal Gas Tax Fund for its Asset Management Strategy. 

The Waste Water Treatment plant, which is scheduled for completion this year, uses technologies that have been combined in Europe, but never in Canada. These include a moving bed bio-reactor and a dissolved air flotation treatment system, in conjunction with energy-saving devices, solar panels and grey water reuse.

The upgraded plant can accommodate a doubling of Ladysmith's population, and will also meet the needs of the Stz'uminus First Nation communities in the area. This upgrade is essential for the redevelopment of the town's waterfront lands and will support the health of the local shellfish industry. The Town has also directed over $5.2 million from its annual federal Gas Tax Fund allocations towards the project.

The Asset Management funding will help the Town complete condition assessments of municipal buildings and infrastructure systems and support the development of an Asset Management Policy and Strategy for effective and efficient management of Town assets (including buildings, water and sewer systems, roads and sidewalks.)

Read the Gas Tax News Release and Backgrounder.

Link to the Green Municipal Fund announcement.