Jul 19, 2018

Councillor Resignation

The Town of Ladysmith has accepted the resignation of Councillor Carol Henderson, effective July 31, 2018.

Councillor Henderson, who was elected to Council in the November 2014 local government elections, is resigning for personal reasons, saying that she is unable to carry out her Councillor duties due to other demands on her availability.

"On behalf of Council and staff, I would like to thank Councillor Henderson for her service and dedication to our community, and extend my best wishes to her," said Mayor Aaron Stone.

Under the BC Local Government Act, a by-election to fill a vacant seat does not need to be held if the vacancy occurs after June 1 in the year of a general local election. Council will decide at an upcoming meeting whether to hold a by-election, given that the next local election is taking place on October 20 this year.