Sep 06, 2018

Council Approves Amendments to Ladysmith Streets and Traffic Bylaw

Ladysmith, September 5, 2018 - Amendments to Ladysmith's Streets and Traffic Bylaw prohibit any vehicles, including recreational vehicles, from parking on any town street for longer than 72 hours at one time. Further, the bylaw clarifies the definition of 'boulevard'. Some residents may not be aware that the area between a roadway and a property line is a boulevard and is Town property.

"It is important to note that unlicensed vehicles and unattached trailers and other items have never been allowed to be stored in these areas," said Ladysmith Mayor Aaron Stone. "This rule is standard in most communities and improves neighbourhood aesthetics as well as pedestrian and vehicular traffic safety."

The bylaw has also been amended to prohibit camping and sleeping overnight in all types of vehicles on Town streets and boulevards.

While the amendments are in effect now, Town staff will work with residents to ensure that people are aware of the new rules.

"We know it will take some time for people to grow accustomed to this new approach of proactive enforcement," said Chief Administrative Officer Guillermo Ferrero. "We plan to work with citizens by providing information through a number of public information channels."

In coming weeks, the Town's bylaw officer will talk to residents, explain the situation, and give advisory notices about the bylaw and the changes before any further compliance measures occur. The Town appreciates everyone's cooperation with regard to this issue.

More information about the amended bylaw can be found at

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Mayor Aaron Stone

Guillermo Ferrero
Chief Administrative Officer