May 30, 2019

National Health & Fitness Day in Ladysmith

Mayor Stone Proclaims June 1 as National Health and Fitness Day in Ladysmith.

WHEREAS: The Parliament of Canada wishes to increase awareness among Canadians of the significant benefits of physical activity and to encourage Canadians to increase their level of physical activity and their participation in recreational sports and fitness activities; 
AND WHEREAS: It is in Canada’s interest to improve the health of all Canadians and to reduce the burden of illness on Canadian families and on the Canadian health care system; 
AND WHEREAS: Many local governments in Canada have public facilities to promote 
the health and fitness of their citizens; 
AND WHEREAS: The Government of Canada wishes to encourage the country’s local governments, non-government organizations, the private sector and all Canadians to recognize the first Saturday in June as National Health and Fitness Day and to mark the day with local events and initiatives celebrating and promoting the importance and use of local health, recreational, sports and fitness facilities; 
AND WHEREAS: Canada’s mountains, oceans, lakes, forest, parks and wilderness also 
offer recreational and fitness opportunities; 
AND WHEREAS: The Town of Ladysmith supports and encourages its citizens to participate in physical activities and contribute to their own health and well-being;
THEREFORE: I, Aaron Stone, Mayor of the Town of Ladysmith, do hereby proclaim June 1st, 2019 as “National Health and Fitness Day” in the Town of Ladysmith, British Columbia.  

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2019.05.30 BC National Health and Fitness Day