Jul 11, 2019

Town of Ladysmith Supports Stz'uminus First Nation Access to Crown Woodlot

The Town of Ladysmith is supporting Stz'uminus First Nation by approving the request to reactivate a section of logging road that crosses Town green space in South Ladysmith.

Stz'uminus First Nation holds a woodlot licence from the BC government and this decision by the Town will facilitate access.

The Town and Stz'uminus also understand that this former logging road has been used by the broad community for recreation, including walking and cycling.

To address this, Stz'uminus First Nation will build a new 365 metre community trail in Town parkland that follows a ridgeline and bypasses the reactivated road within Ladysmith's boundary.

The new single-track trail is being built to international standards and will provide several scenic viewpoints as well as future connectivity from Russell Road to the Stocking Lake Trail, and a broader network reaching Heart Lake and the Holland Creek Trail loop.

Trail construction will be completed before the end of 2019 and a proposed route is marked on the attached map.

Upgrades to the existing road will take place 6 a.m. - 6 p.m., and 5 a.m. - 1 p.m. during fire season.  Signage will be posted at all entrance points and removed when there is no active work operations and the road is safe for public access.

Reactivating the road will require:

  • Widening of the right-of-way and road surface
  • Installation of culverts to restore and/or maintain natural drainage patterns
  • Resurfacing
  • Restricted public access when there is a public safety risk

The reactivated road will also provide beneficial access in the event of a wildfire emergency, as well as to Town staff needing to reach Stocking Lake water infrastructure.

Trucks and other heavy machinery vehicles will only access the Crown woodlot via South Watts Road and not use any residential streets in the surrounding neighbourhood.

Any questions can be directed to Infrastructure Services Department by calling 250.245.6445, or emailing info@ladysmith.ca

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Click here for a list of FAQs to do with the reactivated road and new trail.

2019.07.11 FINAL.Reactivated Road-Trail Map