May 12, 2020

Seven bollards to be installed around Ladysmith Post Office

The patchwork of repairs on the Ladysmith Post Office wall tell a story of several fortunate near misses over the years as vehicles jumped the curb and hit the building.
To help prevent further such accidents, the Town will be installing seven bollards at parking stalls at the corner of High Street and First Avenue over the coming two weeks.
These steps are helping to protect pedestrian safety in our downtown.
We are doing the work now in advance of any further easing of physical distancing recommendations by the Province, to limit the impact on businesses as they reopen over the coming weeks.
As a reminder, the public is asked to respect guidelines for physical distancing if they need to approach Town staff who are installing the bollards.
We expect construction to be complete in two weeks, but the schedule is weather dependent.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.