May 15, 2020

Town encourages physical distancing as parking lots, Transfer Beach public washrooms reopened

Following the guidelines of British Columbia's phased Restart Plan, the Town of Ladysmith is loosening restrictions at parking lots and reopening public washrooms at Transfer Beach as we encourage the public to stay the course in our fight against COVID-19. 

“The community has demonstrated a great respect for physical distancing over the past few weeks and we appreciate your cooperation,” said Mayor Aaron Stone. 

Ahead of the Victoria Day long weekend, we are reopening parking lots at Transfer Beach Park and all Holland Creek trailheads. 

Additionally, we plan to open public washrooms at Transfer Beach Park between 9 am and 3 pm daily. Regular cleaning will occur at which time the facility will be unavailable. 

Transfer Beach Public Washrooms

At Transfer Beach, there will be a strict two person limit in the washroom facilities at all times to ensure everyone can physically distance and practice excellent hygiene. 

New signage is being posted at facility entrances so the public is aware of best practices when using these shared spaces. 

The outside door to the washrooms will remain open and the public is strongly encouraged to make use of the hand sanitizer station just inside the entryway.

After using the facility, please follow handwashing guidelines to help reduce the spread of COVID-19:

• Wet hands with warm water

• Apply soap

• For at least 20 seconds, make sure to wash:

       o palm and back of each hand

       o between fingers

       o under nails

       o thumbs

• Rinse well

• Dry hands well with paper towel

• Turn off tap using paper towel

Please note that all other public washrooms remained closed for now as we evaluate the reopening facilities at Transfer Beach this weekend. 

The Town also continues to wait for more guidelines from the Province on reopening playgrounds, the spray park and other recreational facilities where people are likely to congregate in groups. 

Holland Creek Trail Parking Lot

Later on Friday, we will be removing the barricades the Holland Creek Trail parking lots and posting updated signage.  

Please avoid gathering in groups at trailheads and physical distance 2 metres when approaching others on the looped trail. Your continued cooperation is greatly appreciated.  

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