Sep 21, 2020

Development Services reopens offices to public, online and phone enquiries encouraged

Development Services is pleased to reopen its doors to the public again starting Monday, September 21, with new COVID-19 public safety measures in place at our office to ensure physical distancing among patrons and staff.

Planning staff are encouraging the public to contact us - as you have throughout the pandemic - using email, telephone or arranging a virtual Zoom meeting to discuss specific enquiries.   We can serve you efficiently and safely online. 

Town staff continue to accept and process new applications.  Please visit our website for a list of staff contacts and forms:

If you plan to visit the Development Services office, please use the entrance off 2nd Avenue to access the front door.  All patrons leaving the building will exit the same way and use the stairs facing Roberts Street.  

We ask that only one customer or family unit (couple, parent with child etc.) enter the Development Services office at a time in order to meet requirements of the Provincial Health Officer.

Once inside Development Services, you will notice a new Plexiglas safety partition at the front counter.   Please be advised that there is no requirement to wear a mask inside our offices but you might consider bringing one.

We are able to assist you and answer any questions from behind the front counter, but again would highly encourage you to reach out first through phone or email with any enquiries.

Patrons can also make use of the complimentary hand sanitizer at the front counter when entering and exiting.

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