Jan 22, 2021

Council Notebook for January 22, 2021

Ladysmith Council met virtually on Tuesday, January 19, 2020 with next steps for looking at repairs to the retaining wall at Ladysmith Community Marina and recommendations from the recent Committee of the Whole meeting among the agenda highlights. 

The meeting opened with Council adopting the recommendations from the CoW meeting held on January 12, 2021.  The recommendations from the CoW meeting included some of the following:

  • Amending the wording in the Town’s Bylaw Enforcement Policy to state that bylaw enforcement is on a complaint-driven basis unless there is a safety, hazard or liability issue to the Town.
  • Amending several items from the Corporate Flag Policy such as removing the requirement that a current or former Council member must have served 10 years for flags to be flown at half-mast.
  • Adding within the flag policy that Ladysmith Fire/Rescue may honour the passing of any emergency responder by lowering its flag at the hall. 
  • Amending the existing Park Bench Donation Guidelines Policy to include that the Town will maintain in perpetuity previously dedicated benches and complete regular maintenance for the reasonable life span of any newly dedicated bench, tree or amenity.
  • Directing staff to arrange an electronic meeting between Council and the School District No. 68 board, including senior staff, to discuss a long-range facilities plan. 

Moving on in the agenda, Council then directed staff to contract Tetra Tech to complete geotechnical drilling at the Ladysmith Community Marina retaining wall.

The wall, built out of cedar logs, is located adjacent to the marina's parking lot and beginning to lean.

A report will be brought back to Council with options for remediation or replacement of the wall.

Next, Council endorsed supporting the Cowichan Valley Regional District's proposal to apply for, receive and manage the UBCM Community Emergency Preparedness Fund -Emergency Support Services (ESS) grant funding on behalf of the Town.

The CVRD is proposing to modernize emergency reception centre with a move toward digital registration and reporting.

The next meeting of Council is scheduled for February 2, 2021 at 7 pm.