Apr 22, 2021

Town’s 2021 Budget proposes infrastructure renewal projects, facility upgrades

Ladysmith Council will consider adoption of the 2021 Budget in early May and the projects scheduled for this year include ongoing work to renew aging infrastructure, upgrades to public facilities and improvements to overall service delivery.
The bylaws to set the property tax rates will be included on the May 4, 2021 Council Agenda.  All of the the budget presentations are all available on the Town’s website for review.  Council appreciates the responses received by community members during the budget consultation process.  
The 2021 Budget makes progress on Council’s Strategic Plan priorities:  Infrastructure, Waterfront, Community and Economy. 
Council gave early budget approval to several capital projects last fall.  Approving these items in advance allows staff to allocate the required resources and start the tendering process for major projects, ensuring we receive competitive bid prices.
The projects receiving early budget approval, included: 
  • Water main replacement on French Street – Replacing the existing cast iron water main between 1st and 2nd Avenue proactively avoids further repair work.
  • 1st Avenue Bollards - Installing next phase of bollards to ensure pedestrian safety in the downtown. 
  • Oyster Bay Road sewer main upgrade – Upgrading the sewer main on Rocky Creek Road.
Included in the list of capital projects that are subject to final adoption are:
  • Cemetery fence and gate – Installing a new fence and gate to improve the overall appearance at the cemetery.
  • Water service line repairs – A dedicated crew assigned to complete full replacement of recently repaired copper service lines, improving the reliability of our water distribution system.
  • Ultra Violet light (UV) Air Filter – A UV light air filter at the Wastewater Treatment Plant to purify the air and reduce odours coming from the facility.
  • Single axle dump truck - A multi-purpose truck for snow clearing and hauling is essential for Town operations as our community grows.
  • Frank Jameson Community Centre fitness equipment – Improving the quality and overall experience of patrons through the replacement of aging cardio equipment.
  • Ladysmith Fire/Rescue command vehicle – Upgrading the duty chief’s command vehicle ensuring critical information can be reported back to responding crews.
  •  Aggie Hall exhaust fan – Installing a new exhaust fan in Aggie Hall to improve airflow especially during the summer months in this well used public facility.
Additionally, the Town has started with next steps on upgrading key Transfer Beach Park amenities, including the public washroom and park shelters, that is being funded through a Provincial grant
Implementation of the Waterfront Area Plan is also ongoing and the Arts & Heritage Hub Steering Committee is working with design consultants on next steps.  This work is also as a result of Provincial and Federal funding announced last year.  
The deadline as determined by the Province to adopt the budget is May 15, 2021.