Jan 31, 2022

2022 Dog licenses now due

Over the next few months, Coastal Animal Control Service will be periodically canvassing Ladysmith neighbourhoods and encouraging anyone with a dog to purchase a license.

This convenient service helps to save you time - phew! – and is being offered this year only as part of our new Animal Control contract.

We understand that you and your furry friend probably have a sixth sense about someone unfamiliar coming to your door.  Apologies in advance if this ‘pugs’ you as we’re just trying to help.

How do you know for sure that it’s Coastal Animal Control Service at your door? The canvasser is fully uniformed with shoulder flashes and documentation. 

The canvasser is prepared to accept payment for your dog license either by cheque, debit and credit card, or even cash! As usual, you can also pick one up at City Hall, the FJCC and For Pet’s Sake.  Visit our website to find more information on dog licenses: https://www.ladysmith.ca/our-services/pets-animals/dog-licences