Feb 17, 2022

Council Notebook for February 15, 2022

 Ladysmith Council met for a virtual Regular Meeting on Tuesday, February 15, 2022 with a the submission of a federal grant application for major water infrastructure projects among the agenda highlights.

In response to a referral from the Province for a patio endorsement application in conjunction with a food primary license for the Oyster Bay Café. Council directed staff to notify the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch that the Town does not wish to comment on the application.

The LRCB gives the option to comment on applications however Council chose not to given there was no substantial change in operations.

The eatery at the Ladysmith Community Marina has a license to serve liquor indoors and the Province introduced a program early in the COVID-19 pandemic for establishments to serve liquor on a temporary basis in unlicensed outdoor areas.

The program is now ending and the café has applied for a liquor license to continue servicing this outdoor area on a permanent basis.

Next, Council authorized that the Town entered into a Service Provider Agreement with Ladysmith Show and Shine Society for the provision of promotional services for Ladysmith.

The agreement will allow the society to reduce costs incurred by purchasing its own liability insurance for the event.

As a result, the Ladysmith Show and Shine Society is required to pay the $250 annual fee for the additional liability coverage provided by the Municipal Insurance Association of BC.

Moving on, Council directed staff to apply for grant funding available through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program – Environmental Quality.  The Town will apply for a bundle of three water projects (Holland Dam Upgrade, Holland to Stocking Lake interconnect and the Stocking Lake main twinning.

If successful in our application, the Town’s portion will come from approved borrowing from a 2020 Alternative Approval Process as well as reserves.

The Town was unsuccessful in its previous attempt to secure funding for these projects.

Council adopted a bylaw to remove a road dedication for the end of Baden-Powell Road so that it can be dedicated as park.  The road to be closed is adjacent to Queen’s Park.

The public was given an opportunity to comment on the bylaw before it was adopted.

Council then directed staff prepare a report providing options and costing for completing a traffic study.  The study would examine existing traffic flows and consider known development projects and those projected to begin in the next 15 years.

The project would be completed as part of the scope of the Official Community Plan review.

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