Mar 07, 2022

Town seeking elector approval for Fire/Rescue vehicle borrowing

The Town of Ladysmith will facilitate an Alternative Approval Process (AAP) later this month in order to seek elector approval for financing the purchase of a new fire response vehicle.

Ladysmith Fire/Rescue’s current aerial device truck was acquired in 1997 and needs replacing as we ensure our emergency response capabilities meet our community’s growing needs.  

A replacement ladder truck is included in the 2022-2026 Financial Plan at a budgeted amount of $2.1 million.  Elector approval through an AAP is required prior to executing any borrowing for the purchase of this replacement vehicle. 

The aerial device truck is an essential part of the Ladysmith Fire/Rescue’s vehicle fleet and allows greater vertical height when responding to emergency incidents requiring fire suppression or rescues.

While the current truck uses a 75 foot ladder, the new proposed replacement vehicle comes equipped with a 100-foot aerial apparatus. The added height improves the rescue capabilities of emergency responders, especially when stationed on steep grades. Find out more by reading a list a Frequently Asked Questions.

The response period for electors starts at 8:30am on March 18 and the deadline for Elector Response Forms is April 20, 2022 at 4:00pm.

Through the AAP, if more than 10% of Ladysmith electors express their opposition, the Town cannot proceed with the borrowing.

Members of the public can access Elector Response Forms, as well as further information about the AAP by visiting City Hall or accessing our website.

More information on the AAP can be found by visiting the Town’s website.

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For Information:
Mike Gregory
Communications and Engagement Specialist | 250.210.1740