Apr 21, 2022

OCP Review survey seeks feedback on draft vision, goals and growth directions

The Town of Ladysmith has identified a draft vision statement, goals and growth directions for the new Official Community Plan (OCP) and is now seeking the public’s feedback as we continue moving forward with the creation of this important policy document.

An OCP is intended to help manage growth and development in a way that meets community goals. The document can influence how people experience their town, including where you live, shop, recreate and as well as your transportation choices.

The community-wide engagement for the OCP Review has so far involved participation and input from hundreds of people voicing their opinions on the future of Ladysmith.

We now invite you to review the draft vision statement and goals below. The draft growth directions can be viewed on our website.

Please share your impressions by taking a brief online survey before Sunday, May 8, 2022.

Community input on the draft vision, goals, and growth directions will be used to refine them, and to guide creation of policies and guidelines in the new OCP.

 Draft Vision Statement:

Ladysmith is located in the traditional territory of the Stz’uminus First Nation, who have been stewards of the land since Time Immemorial.

Ladysmith is a big hearted community, and unparalleled in its historic charm and leadership in climate action. Ladysmith is known for its charismatic waterfront and vibrant downtown, surrounded by cherished habitat areas that offer recreation, natural beauty, critical ecological services, and economic prosperity.

Everyone is welcome here.

Draft Goals

Over the life of this Official Community Plan, Ladysmith will…

1.  Be a place for everyone to call home, regardless of age, ability, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, and sexual orientation.

2.  Reduce community greenhouse gas emissions by X%* and be on track to reduce emissions by X%* by 2040 and reach net zero emissions by 2049.

3.  Adapt to the impacts of climate change.

4.  Walk the path of reconciliation.

5.  Prioritize green, safe, and convenient choices for getting around, including walking, cycling, and transit.

6.  Be home to natural assets and thriving ecosystems that are protected and, where needed, regenerated for habitat, recreation, intrinsic value, and vital services that range from climate regulation to cleaning water.

7.  Celebrate its unique and vibrant downtown – the heart of the community – where new development complements historic charm and sets it apart from other places across Vancouver Island.

8.  Revitalize the waterfront to create community prosperity, more public spaces, and restored habitat while honouring past, present, and future generations.

9.  Be known for its lively arts and culture scene. 

*Specific reduction targets are currently being developed through a concurrent emissions
modelling exercise, and will be available for public review in early summer.

Complete the Feedback Survey

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