Jul 22, 2022

Council Notebook for July 19, 2022

Ladysmith Council met for a Regular Meeting on Tuesday, July 19, 2022 with amendments to the sign and canopy bylaw among the agenda highlights.

Council gave first three readings to the bylaw changes, which were minor updates to streamline the sign permit application process and allow for more flexibility in signage types.

Several of the proposed amendments are regarding sandwich board signs and include: allowing one sandwich board sign per business, rather than per property; allowing more than one sandwich board sign per business if the business occupies more than one street frontage; allowing sandwich board signs without a sign permit provided it complies with regulations such as not impeding pedestrian movement.

Next, Council adopted the Public Notice Bylaw after giving first three readings at its meeting on July 5, 2022.

The bylaw specifies the statutory requirements the Town must carry out for advertising notices required under Section 94 of the Community Charter.  These notices are published in the Ladysmith-Chronicle newspaper as well as on the Town’s website.

Moving on, Council received correspondence from the Island Corridor Foundation (ICF) which included an application for a Permissive Tax Exemption from the Town.

Mayor Stone declared a conflict of interest related to the agenda item as he is Chair of the Island Corridor Foundation and vacated the meeting.

Council adopted a motion to provide a payment of the municipal portion of the ICF property taxes with the funds to come from operational savings.

Additionally, Council approved forgiving the remaining outstanding balance for the 2022 Property Taxes for the ICF and reversing the late penalty.

A Public Hearing and Regular Meeting of Council is scheduled for August 2, 2022.

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