Oct 19, 2022

Official Election Results

The Town of Ladysmith is pleased to release the official results of the 2022 General Local Election.

Official results for the six seats on Council are as follows:

  • - Ray Gourlay (1,065 votes)
  • - Amanda Jacobson (791 votes)
  • - Tricia McKay (1,022 votes)
  • - Duck Paterson (968 votes)
  • - Marsh Stevens (1,084 votes)
  • - Jeff Virtanen (1,042 votes)


Aaron Stone was previously acclaimed as Mayor after running unopposed.

Voter turnout was 23.98 per cent of registered voters. In comparison, voter turnout for the 2018 election was 31.2 per cent of registered voters.

The Town would like to thank all candidates for their willingness to serve the residents of Ladysmith.

Visit CivicInfo BC to view more local election results from across the province: https://localelections.ca/results/index_m.html