Public Hearings and Special Notices

Public Hearing Information Sheet

Public Hearings

Please be advised that, in accordance with the formal process for Public Hearings laid out in the Local Government Act, no members of Council can either receive or respond to any further input, comments or questions regarding a Bylaw once the Public Hearing for that Bylaw is closed.  Staff in our Development Services Department are available to assist if you have questions or need more information regarding a particular Bylaw or Public Hearing procedure.

Special Notices

Feb 18, 2020

Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Store application notices 4320-10-01 (Jerry's Cannabis Co.) & 4320-20-02 (1904 Cannabis Company)

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2019.01.03 Cannabis Notice 4320-20-01 (002)

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2019.01.03 Cannabis Notice 4320-20-02
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