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Sep 11, 2019

Five Additional Bollards Downtown to Protect Pedestrians

Five additional protective safety bollards will be installed on 1st Avenue as part of the ongoing construction project, bringing the total to 14 and helping to ensure pedestrian safety in our downtown. 

Ladysmith Council previously approved installing nine bollards on the high side of the road between Gatacre Street and High Street. 

The Town has determined it is more cost effective and efficient with the required machinery in place to complete the site prep work now and order five additional bollards to be installed upon delivery. 

The placement of the five additional safety bollards provides one for each parking stall on the high side of First Avenue in this block. 

The location for the initial nine bollards was based on an evaluation of incidents involving vehicles jumping the curb as well as the challenges for motorists parking on an uphill gradient.
A recent accident over the summer where a vehicle hit another building on 1st Avenue prompted the decision to put more bollards in place. 

Town staff recently completed a site evaluation and recommended to Council that five more bollards be installed to minimize future costs. 

The bollards project was originally scheduled to go ahead last summer but put on hold to accommodate the filming of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie in the downtown. 
Future installation of any additional bollards is at the discretion of Council and will be considered in upcoming budget discussions. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Infrastructure Services Department at 250.245.6445. 

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Bollard installation

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